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Please read though some of the reviews Sneaker's Sports Bar & Grill has received from our satisfied customers. We take great pride in your satisfaction!

I normally don't do this but I'm DJ Buddha and I would say I'm pretty knowledgeable about about most businesses in the area. I ordered for delivery from Sneakers for the first in years. I have to say I was completely satisfied with everything we ordered. The pizza was superb, great sauce and sausage. The wings even being delivered were amazing, tasted fresh, and had a nice light batter. We also ordered the Artichoke dip, which also tasted fresh and homemade. These guys take pride in their food. The price was on point for a family of 6. Two pizzas one topping on each, 10 wings with dipping sauce, and Artichoke dip with chips for $42.00 Trust me on this they have the best take out in the Franklin Park area. You get my vote guys! Thank you. Living in this area it has been tough to find overall good for delivery. - 5 Star Review - Nick C.

I was just there Saturday night to celebrate my friends birthday. In our group, there was about 20 people. I was taking care of the food tab, and everybody else was on their own when it came to drinks. Our server, Nikki was excellent! She was kind, patient, and very attentive. I know that it must've been hard to keep track of everyone and their drinks, but she handled it all so well, and none of us waited with empty glasses. She talked with us, and was really sweet.
The food was excellent as well. We got pizzas, wings, and chips with salsa and guacamole. Everyone went on about how good the guac was! The pizza was delicious, and the boneless bbq wings were my personal favorite. I talked with the manager, Jimmy and let him know how much we enjoyed ourselves and thanked him for accommodating us so well. He was super friendly and polite, and said that he was glad that we were having a good time.
As a smoker, I really like the deck. It's a great place to sit, watch a game and still be able to enjoy your beer with a smoke.
Thanks for everything, and we will definitely be back! ����
I'll be on your deck watching our Cubs in the playoffs. ⚾� -
5 Star Review - Becca G.

We were in town from Colorado and found this place to watch the game. We sat at the bar and immediately was welcomed by the bartender Moses. Moses made sure we were taken care of and made sure our game stayed on even tho there were requests to change the channel. Thank you Moses! You were phenomenal and made it a great experience for us! The food and drink were awesome! Great chicken wings! - 5 Star Review Tess L.

"We had our sons birthday party at Sneaker's and everything was perfect. Food was on time and hot, service was good and everybody was very helpful. We had 55 guests and not one complaint. We highly recommend this place for every special occasion."

Family Party

"I work in the area and my company had our Christmas party at Sneakers and ever since it became my new hang out. I go for a few drinks after work and also for lunch a couple times a week. Hot girls, great service and good specials, that's all it took for me to become a regular."

Jenny Gibson in Schiller Park, IL - January 09, 2009

"Sneakers is by far the best place in this area. The food is real, not made in a microwave like every other bar in Franklin Park. Very clean and their health department score is always over 90, one of the partners is a certified chef for over 25 years and makes excellent soups and sauces from scratch not out of a can!"

Steven in Chicago, IL - January 09, 2009

"Best bar in the area, good food, good drinks, nice girls!!!!!"

Timmy K. in Melrose Park, IL - January 09, 2009

"Love the food and specials. You can always get great deals daily."

Rich H. in Franklin Park, IL - November 18, 2008
"Love this bar. Best food and service."

Maria in Schiller Park, IL - April 17, 2008

"Good food; one of the owners is a classically trained chef. Reasonable prices. Cute waitresses and bartenders. Lots of great friendly people."

William G. in Chicago, IL - April 17, 2008

"We had a party at sneakers and we had a blast! Good food, good cocktails and great service with beautiful girls."

Jeff in Villa Park, IL - February 14, 2008


Anonymous - August 22, 2006

"Great menu and prices! Lots of fun people and cold beer! Very spacious outside patio with TVs. Highly recommended!"

Anonymous - August 22, 2006

"If you want a real burger than you have to come to Sneakers in Franklin Park."

Bogias - April 10, 2005

"Great food. This place is a sports bar so if your expecting anything else you are in the wrong place. They have all games on and the workers are more than glad to change the channel for you. Franklin Park is lucky to have a place such as this. This is a guys place so leave the girlfriend at home unless she is a sports nut too."

Anonymous - December 26 2009

"Sneakers is the place to go! Good food, great outdoor deck, attentive waitresses. I have hosted many parties there and everybody has a good time! I highly recommend it! The pizza is superb and the sandwiches and appetizers are outstanding."

Anonymous - August 14, 2009
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